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Margaret A Jones

Margaret A Jones, D.H.P.(Dist) Acc Hyp P.H.P.A.

I specialise in Past Life Regression and the wonderful Life Between Lifes Journey.

Public speaking, Anxiety, Stress, and Confidence Building.

As a fully qualified Reiki Master and Teacher, I practice Reiki Energy for relaxation and Reiki Energy for Pets; Animals love Reiki.

I use Spiritual Hypnotherapy for Past Life Regression: and the life-changing Life Between Lifes Journey. Including  Spiritual Counselling.

Learn to live life to your full potential

My therapy treatments can resolve long-standing and often multifaceted issues that affect your ability to fully embrace your life. Using hypnotherapy I will encourage you to let go of the past and welcome a brighter future.

I  have an open-minded and supportive attitude that has successfully worked with a wide range of people and problems. I will inspire you to examine and heal yourself, in a way that will free you to find your own happiness and build your super confidence.

All therapists are bound by ethics and the law for client confidentiality and no judgements are made on the part of the therapist. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands.