Life Between Lives is a deep hypnotic regression to that very special time souls spend in spirit between incarnations. During an LBL you experience yourself as an immortal soul, meet your guides, loved ones and other beings who help you explore your soul lessons, life’s purpose and other questions that you have prepared for the session. 

During this time in spirit many experience healing, unconditional love and oneness with all things. LBL is a profound, life transforming experience.

What is life beyond lives?

An LBL begins with a long very deep hypnotic induction to help the conscious mind to disengage and achieve a highly expanded state of consciousness. The actual regression includes going back to some pleasant childhood memories. From childhood we continue back to that unique time in the womb, after conception before birth. Here, we get the first soul memories. In the womb we can explore such things as how you feel about coming to be, more about what it is you hope to do, learn or work on. From the womb, you go back to that most recent past life to review some of the significant events as well as how that life ended. 

This is one place where LBL lifts greatly from traditional past-life regression. Rather than doing a detailed review of the past life combined with intervention, we want to use the past life death scene as a doorway into spirit once the soul enters the spirit realm, the reviews interventions and feelings will be done in the most loving way either by guides or loved ones rather than by the therapist. 

It is important to note that once the soul remembers returning to the spirit world, it enters ‘Now Time.’ Being in now time, allows for review of the soul's past experiences and it also allows for insight and guidance about the current life and future events. 

Next Steps

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