When we are born, we have a natural, intimate and beneficial connection with the spiritual plane and thus, we are also blessed with the spiritual abundance of the universe. But as we grow older, we lose sight of our True Selves and this causes many to lose their way in life.

Past Life regression reconnects an individual with his True Self – the Soul.

About Past Life Regression

Long-term mental stress can be released easily through successive sessions of past life regression. With the guidance of a hypnotherapist who is trained in PLR, a person can achieve renewed mental clarity, focus and happiness in life.  PLR is achieved through hypnosis, which lowers inhibition and allows the mind to freely express itself.

There are no extraneous or useless information when it comes to PLR. Every bit of insight can be applied to one or several problems in life. Everything that a person learns and discovers during a past life regression session revolves around there life alone.

Every person has a psychic reserve – accessing it however, often requires the assistance of an agent (a hypnotic regressionist) because the majority of individuals have inadvertently lost their connection with spirituality. In a way, past life regression allows a person to dig deep into there psychic reserves so that they may find the answers that may have been elusive for the longest time.

The Journey of Souls is a special art of regression where the person embarks on a guided quest to create a meaningful connection with there spiritual self. In the parlance of PLR, the spiritual self is represented by spirit guides that take various visual/physical forms.

Some people report seeing bright balls of light while others say that they were able to meet normal looking individuals who gave them incredible insight and knowledge about themselves and the Universe. The experience is unique for every individual.

There is no greater pain in life than not knowing who you are or why you’re here on this Earth. Past Life Regression is a unique way to answer these burning questions, and the best part of it is that the answers will come directly from the person’s own spirit guides, as they embarks on there own Journey of Souls.

Some people are able to engage in such journeys through related processes such as astral projection. But for those who can’t do it on their own, a hypnotic regressionist specializing in PLR can help a person attain this level of spiritual connectedness after a few sessions.

People are averse to the idea of change, even if it’s good for them. Many people seek spiritual enlightenment because they feel lost, afraid and incomplete. These negativities are intimately linked to the fear of change.

Through Past Life Regression, a person can relinquish there hold on fear and other negativities. When this is achieved, you will be able to see clearly why certain changes must happen in there life. You will also become more open to new things and life begins anew.

A successful Past Life Regression can reveal many pertinent details about a person’s past lives.  All of a person’s past lives are interconnected, even if the circumstances and time periods are different.

A person who feels that they must solve a mystery in there life often finds answers when their past life’s are finally revealed. Past Life Regression can also shed light on why a person thinks or behaves in a certain manner toward themselves and other people.   PLR is truly a fantastic voyage.

Past Life Regression can reveal many things – including what a person’s mission in this life might be.  The idea of having a purpose in life becomes clearer as a person descends more deeply into spiritual planes and finds answers that are reserved for them alone.

Past Life Regression requires deep concentration and visualization in order to work. Think of the brain as the engine that connects the mind to the spiritual ether. The experience is unique and very exciting!

Spirit guides, which are common in PLR sessions, often have the most insightful solutions for day to day problems. PLR can be viewed as a way to access an unlimited treasure trove of universal wisdom and knowledge that can be applied directly in the material plane.

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